Commercial Bridge Loan Lenders

At Capital Funding Group, we are commercial bridge loan lenders that offer our clients the option to create bridge loans for the refinancing of previous loans or to secure payment for upcoming loans. With over 25 years of commercial bridge loan lending, Capital Funding Group is a name you can trust. We’ll help you secure the right loan while making the entire process quick and easy.

What Are Bridge Loans?

Bridge loans are typically short-term loans that allow someone to buy another home before they complete the sale of their previous home. This option is especially useful for those who may feel pressed for time when changing properties. For example, it can help a large business looking to change their location but are having trouble finding a buyer for their current building. Our loans work by effectively borrowing money for a down payment on your new property before your existing property has sold. The expected sale of your current building backs up your new loan. Overall, this will help to keep you moving forward with your business without having to deal with time constraints based on how long it takes for your properties to sell.

By using our commercial bridge loan lending services, we can help guarantee a loan process that is professional, quick, on time with your schedule, and all done for the lowest possible interest rate. It’s our goal to keep yourself or your business moving forward. By using our services, you won’t need to stress about the logistics of buying and selling a home. One of our bridge loans gives you the freedom to keep moving forward without waiting for your property to catch up.

For any questions about the services we provide, or if you have an interest in acquiring your own commercial bridge loan for your business building, a plot of land, or even large single-family home, contact us today. We look forward to working with you soon!